Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Platforms: Amiga, IBM PC/Compatibles, Macintosh, PC-9800 Series, Windows 3.x

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IBM VGA version of Space Quest IV
IBM VGA version of Space Quest IV
Space Quest IV is a 3-D animated adventure game from Sierra On-Line. It is the first game in the series to use Sierra's point-and-click SCI (Sierra Creative Interpreter) interface. Game actions are performed by clicking on objects or scenery using one of the available icons. The action icons available are a walking figure (for moving/walking to a location), an eye (for looking at objects or places), a hand (for getting objects or performing an action), a speaking head (for talking to other characters), a nose (for smelling), a tongue (for tasting), and inventory items. The smell and taste actions aren't required for completing the game, however are frequently used to provide comedic descriptions of items.

Like most of Sierra's adventure games, puzzles are solved by acquiring objects to manipulate the environment, talking with other characters, and exploring. There are also several timed/action sequences. The game progress can be saved for continuing later or restoring after Roger dies from one of the many hazards.

The Story

Space Quest IV once again follows the adventures of Roger Wilco, the hero and janitor from the previous installments. Sludge Vohaul, Roger's nemesis from Space Quest II, is again trying to eliminate Roger. With the help of the time rippers, Roger is transported to the future of Space Quest XII: Vohaul's Revenge II where his home planet of Xenon is in ruins. After successfully stealing a time machine, Roger is able to travel to another Space Quest future in Space Quest X: Latex Babes of Estros followed by a trip to the past of Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter before returning to defeat Vohaul in Space Quest XII.


Space Quest IV was initially released for IBM computers on floppy disk (either 5.25" or 3.5") and later released on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM version added full speech throughout the game; Gary Owens (from the T.V. show Laugh-In) provided the voice of the announcer while other characters were performed by Sierra employees (including co-writer Scott Murphy).

The IBM floppy disk version of the game was available in both 16 color and 256 color versions. The 256 color version provided much better visuals, however it required a faster computer and a high density disk drive. Players with slower computers or without a high density drive would need to use the 16 color version of the game. Space Quest IV was the first and last game in the series to have seperate 16 color and 256 color versions. See the screenshots for a comparison of the graphics.
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