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New Screenshot Color Features

View CGA and Amstrad CPC Screenshots With Different Monitor Types

Another code update has been pushed live for PixelatedArcade, and this time around the main new feature adds the ability to view some screenshots with colors simulated for different monitor types. When supported, you'll see a drop-down menu below screenshots after clicking on them which allows you to select your preferred monitor. A while back I had written about tales of CGA colors, and this update finally delivers the feature to view different CGA color possibilities. Additionally, you can also view Amstrad CPC screenshots in both color and monochrome. Previously this feature was available for Apple II and Hercules Monochrome screenshots, so I'm delighted to introduce this expansion...


Happy Holidays 2023!

The PixelatedArcade 2023 End of Year Roundup

It's nearing the end of 2023, and time for the traditional end-of-year roundup! And what a year it's been... some real life challenges kept me from the once a month cadence for news or reviews, but we did have the IBM PCjr's 40th Anniversary sneak up, so that was fun! From a behind-the-scenes point of view, lots of changes were made with some pretty sizeable code updates; unfortunately there was a lot of downtime this year, but with new updates in place and other configuration changes PixelatedArcade should be more stable than ever going into the new year. Similarly, a significant update to my photography site PixelatedImages is underway and I hope to begin making updates there again next year. It's also notable that PixelatedArcade finally crossed the 3000 game entries mark! Maybe not the largest site, but slowly gaps are filled in to hopefully become an incredibly useful, intuitive, and informative site. Below are the latest database stats along with a few mini-reviews. Happy holidays everyone!


The IBM PCjr 40th Anniversary

IBM Announces the PCjr on November 1, 1983

Fourty years ago on November 1, 1983 IBM officially announced it's latest home computer, code name Peanut and officially known as the IBM PCjr. Where the IBM PC was clearly aimed at business users, the PCjr was intended to be a more attractive option for the home and was to compete with the likes of Apple, Commodore, and more in an ever expanding home computer market. Outfitted with a smaller case, new 16 color graphics and 3-voice sound that were great for games, two cartridge slots, a lower price compared to the PC, and yet still compatible with the PC the IBM PCjr should have taken the market by storm and was widely predicted to do so. Unfortunately for IBM, that's not what actually happened and the quirky little system is often considered one of the biggest flops in computer history. Despite many great ideas, the PCjr had a lot of minor issues that all added up to make it a rather unpopular system. If you'd like to learn more of the history and why this is the case, I recommend you check out the first part of a series Trixter uploaded to his YouTube channel The Oldskool PC: The IBM PCjr, Part 1: The road to hell is paved with good intentions (be sure to follow the channel or check back later, there's more videos on the PCjr to follow)....