Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Detective / Mystery
Gameplay Style:
Puzzle Elements


Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel is a 3D animated adventure game released by Sierra On-Line in 1992. It is a remake of their 1987 game of the same name with enhanced graphics, a new stereo soundtrack, and an updated point-and-click interface. The game maintains the same storyline and puzzles as the original game and follows officer Sonny Bonds of the Lytton Police Department as he starts out with traffic duty, is promoted to detective, and eventually tracks down a drug lord known as "The Death Angel".

Story and Gameplay

Police Quest takes place in the Lytton, a fictional town in California; player's take on the role of Sonny Bonds, an office for the Lytton Police Department assigned to traffic duty. The game begins at the start of a shift with Sergeant Dooley warning the staff of local teenagers using cocaine getting out of hand. During his patrols, Bonds will have to investigate a car crash, deal with unruly bikers and a drunk driver, and find clues that lead to further drug investigations. As the story progresses, Bonds is promoted and eventually identifies the drug lord behind everything: Jess Bains, aka "The Death Angel". To complete the game, players will need to find a way to arrest and convict Bains for the myriad crimes he's committed.

The updated version of Police Quest uses Sierra's SCI (Sierra Creative Interpreter ) game engine and features gameplay that is similar to other Sierra adventure games of the era. Players can interact with the game by using various icons to perform actions (e.g. a walking icon will have Sonny Bonds move to the location clicked, an eye icon will examine an object, the hand icon will pick up an item or perform an action, and so on). By solving puzzles, talking with characters, and completing requested tasks players can advance through the story. Police Quest includes numerous real life inspired tasks that need to be completed; the game often requires players to adhere to police rules and procedures which can include everything from performing a proper vehicle inspection to following arrest procedures and securing crime scenes. Failure to follow the rules will typically end the game causing players to have to restore a previously saved game.

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