Platforms: Commodore VIC-20


Main Genre:
Gameplay Style:
Paddle / Pong


Skibbereen for the Commodore VIC-20
Skibbereen for the Commodore VIC-20
Skibbereen is a Breakout inspired game released by UMI for the Commodore VIC-20. Two players compete against each other to be the first to capture their opponents pot of gold by destroying the rainbow wall guarding it.


The game resembles a mixture of Pong and Breakout; on each side of the screen there is a wall consisting of 6 rows of bricks. Each player controls a paddle which moves up and down; the goal is to deflect a bouncing ball into the opponents wall while blocking it from destroying the players own wall. Behind the wall is a pot of gold; if the ball breaks through a player's opponents wall and hits the pot of gold, that player wins the game. From time to time a snake will also appear. It will be located in front of a paddle on either side of the screen; if the ball comes into contact with the snake, it will be eaten and disappear providing a second obstacle that can block the ball from hitting the wall. Skibbereen can be played by two players only, there is no option for a computer opponent.
Skibbereen leprechaun


Platform: Commodore VIC-20
By: Joanne Lee
Cover art by: G. Martin


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