688 Attack Sub

Platforms: Amiga, IBM PC/Compatibles, PC-9800 Series, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive


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Platform: Amiga
Designers: John Ratcliffe, Paul Grace, Randy Breen
Programmer: John Ratcliffe
Producer: Paul Grace
Assistant Producer: Randy Breen
Graphics: Michael Kosaka, Wilfredo J. Aguilar
Sound Effects: Rob Hubbard
Technical Direction: David S. Maynard
Product Management: Barbara Windham
UK Product Management: Simon Jeffery
Package Design: Altman & Manley Design
UK Package: Hyde Design Co. Ltd.
Package Copy: Kevin Threadgold
Photography: Steve Hathaway, Department of the Navy
Screen Shots: Frank Wing
Documentation: David Luoto
Platform: Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
Programmed by: Ed Fletcher


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