Super Solvers: OutNumbered!

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles, Macintosh, Windows, Windows 3.x

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Main Genre:
Action , Educational
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Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Core Design Team
Product Manager: Kevin Howat
Graphic Designer: Collette Michaud
Lead Programmer: Darrell Fetzer
Design Support and Art
Design Support and Art: Mary Schenck Balcer, John Jacobs, Diana James-Cairns, Joshua Marks, David Rubin, Gary Schenck
Graphics: Tim Dunn
Music and Sound: Paul Webb
Educational Development
Educational Development: Elsa Leavitt, Judith Montgomery, Elizabeth Quigg, Leni Silberman, Jan Stevens
User's Guide
User's Guide: Janet Joers
The Learning Company: Howard Brunnings, Leonard Chan, Ben Elizer, Ron LaJeunesse, Eileen Oshiro, David Serduke
The Connelly Group: David Fredrickson, Paul Ho
Manager: Lesley Jackson
Lead Tester: Bruce Guthrie
Testers: Darren Atherton, Stephanie Bagnani
Advisory Panel
Advisory Panel: Gary Bitter (Ph.D.), Julie Ann Davies, Jean Haven, Pat Neu, Teri Perl (Ph.D.)

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