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Tongue of the Fatman

Game Review

Rating: B Released in 1989 for IBM and compatible computers (and later ported to the Commodore 64 and SEGA Genesis), Tongue of the Fatman is a unique and odd game. A one on one fighting game, few titles of this variety existed for the PC at the time and, in my opinion, it wouldn't be until years later when the genre was refined enough to make some truly solid games (e.g. SoulCalibur). I am not exactly a fighting game aficionado so keep that in mind if you are; however I always thought this was actually an original and fun ...

Cool Stuff 1: Nintendo Golf

The Many Variations of Nintendo's 8-bit Golf Games

Golf games have existed nearly as long as video games themselves, and nearly every system has had some variation of the sport released as a game. Nintendo is no exception, and their 8-bit offering of the sport has gone through numerous releases and revisions! Over at the Nerdly Pleasures blog, Great Hierophant has meticulously chronicled http://nerdlypleasu...

Willow: The Computer Game

Game Review

Rating: D Not many people remember the movie Willow these days it seems, and perhaps for good reason; in retrospect, it was rather mediocre. Despite some big names associated, it was met with mixed reviews when it came out and time hasn't helped its cause. Still, at the time, I was young and absolutely adored the film regardless of any shortcomings; so when Mindscape came out with their computer adaptation of the movie I immediately plunked down my hard earned cash. Unfortunately, while the movie may had so...