ALF's U.S. Geography

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ALF's U.S. Geography for the IBM PC
ALF's U.S. Geography for the IBM PC
ALF's U.S. Geography is an educational game released by Vision Software in 1988. The game features ALF, the Alien Life Form from the late 1980's sitcom of the same name. Included are five different activities which are designed to teach about United States geography. The activities are:
  1. Terms - The program various multiple choice questions centered around various geographic terms.
  2. States - A map of the United States is provided and player's need to identify different states (or provide abbreviations for states) based on given clues.
  3. Landmarks - Well known landmarks are provided as clues and players need to correctly identify which state they are located in.
  4. Timeline - ALF has assembled a timeline of important events which players can use as a studyguide. The timeline can be shown on the screen or printed out via a printer.
  5. Life Story - Players can create their own timeline to print out; a date range can be provided along with important events players wish to add to the timeline.

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