Super VGA

Super Video Graphics Array

There are 8 games documented on PixelatedArcade supporting Super VGA for Windows 3.x.
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Super VGA is part of the category Display Hardware Supported.
Super Video Graphics Array, usually known as Super VGA or simply SVGA, is a term which was used to cover a variety of display standards that began to emerge following VGA in 1987. Unlike VGA, Super VGA wasn't a standard formally defined by IBM and was usually used when describing capabilities above and beyond what standard VGA supported. Initially the implementation of additional capabilities (such as higher resolution or additional colors) varied depending on the card manufacturer so games that made use of Super VGA would need to include support for specific cards or manufacturers. Later the Video Elecctronics Standards Association (more commonly known as VESA) defined standards for Super VGA allowing games to support a single specification that would work with numerous competing cards.

The most commonly used resolutions for Super VGA games included 640x400 in 256 colors, 640x480 in 256 colors and 800x600 in 16 or 256 colors. After the VESA standard became commonplace support for specific non-VESA cards declined rapidly.

On PixelatedArcade, Super VGA is used to indicate games that support graphics capabilities that are a superset of VGA but do not adhere to the VESA standard.

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