Programmable Sound Generator

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A Programmable Sound Generator (or PSG) is a type of simple sound chip used to generate sounds, music, and noise. Sounds are typically generated from a basic waveform (such as a square wave, triangle wave, and/or saw-tooth wave). Although actual capabilities could vary from one chip to another, the most common configuration allowed for three tone channels and one noise channel. PSG sound chips tended to be limited in quality compared to more advanced synthesis technologies such FM synthesis or wave table synthesis, however they were used in numerous home computers and arcade games as a way to provide more advanced sound abilities while remaining cost effective.


The standard MSX sound generation capability is the PSG. Like many aspects of the MSX system, this chip was a common off-the-shelf part; the exact chip used could vary depending on the specific MSX model, but usually it was the popular General Instrument AY-3-8910 or one of many clones and variations which provided comparable capabilities. PSG chips used by the MSX standard provided 3 channels of sound with each channel capable of playing a tone or noise.

Sega Mark III and Sega Master System

The Sega Mark III and Sega Master System utilized the Texas Instruments SN76489 for sound. This popular sound chip allowed for three tone channels based on a square wave and one noise channel which could use either white noise or periodic noise. 16 different volume levels were available for all channels. Japanese systems may have also had a Yamaha YM2413 available for sound either built in to later systems or via the FM Sound Unit.

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