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The Roland MT-32 is a synthesizer module released by Roland Corporation in 1987. It is based on Roland's Linear Arithmetic synthesis which employed a combination of sampled sounds and subtractive synthesis. This combination of synthesis techniques allowed the MT-32 to be programmable and allowed composers and developers to create a wide variety of custom instruments and sound effects. The MT-32 could play up to 32 sounds at once; the actual number of notes at once could vary since each sound can be made up of up to 4 partials. The Roland MT-32 was more expensive than competing sound cards at the time, however it offered significantly better sound quality for MIDI music. Since it did not have the ability to playback digitized sounds, many later games offered the option of using an MT-32 and a Sound Blaster at the same time where the MT-32 was used for music and the Sound Blaster for sound effects. The Roland MT-32 was also supported by games on a few other systems besides the IBM PC line including the Amiga, Atari ST, and Macintosh.

The Roland LAPC-I is an ISA expansion card version of the MT-32. It had the same features and synthesizer as the MT-32 along with a built in MPU-401 interface and an additional 33 sound effects (most games didn't use the extra LAPC-I sounds, although there are a few exceptions).

Several other Roland LA sound modules are compatible with the Roland MT-32 and LAPC-I as they featured the same synthesis technology and will work with games when connected to an MPU-401 interface. This includes the CM-32L which is also an external sound module (although in a smaller and simpler case than an MT-32 with only a power button and volume knob for controls), the MT-100 which combines an MT-32 synthesizer with a Roland sequencer, and the CM-64 which combines a CM-32L (for LA synthesis) and a CM-32P (for PCM synthesis) into a single module.


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