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Triple Hunt is a shooting style arcade game released by Atari in 1977. The game features a large cabinet split into two parts; the main section houses the monitor while the second part supports a gun used to control the game. The two parts were set a distance from each other in order to make the targets distant. The game used a two-way mirror along with a mask over the screen to create a 3D effect; a backdrop behind the mirror provided a colorful background and the mask on the display gave the illusion of objects being able to move behind things (such as a bear walking behind a tree). Triple Hunt included three different types of shooting games which could be selected by the operator by switching out the monitor bezel, backdrop, and setting a switch on the PCB. The included games are:

  • Hit the Bear: Players earn points for hitting a bear that is walking through the forest. If the bear is hit, it will reverse direction. If the bear makes it to the edge of the screen, another one will appear. The game is timed, and points are awarded each time a bear is hit.
  • Raccoon Hunt: Raccoons appear at the bottom of the screen and climb up a tree; players need to shoot the raccoons to earn points. The more points earned, the faster the raccoons will climb! This version doesn't have a time limit, instead a set number of raccoons will appear.
  • Witch Hunt: The Witch Hunt game variation takes place at a haunted house; ghosts, bats, and (of course) witches appear which players need to shoot for points. This game is also timed and ends when time has run out.
The game included an option for the game to be extended; if the operator had that setting enabled, players were awarded additional time for crossing the set point threshold. Triple Hunt utilized an 8-track tape for ambient background sounds; other sounds (such as shooting and hitting a target) were generated by solid state discrete circuits which was common for the era.

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Platform: Arcade
Designed and Programmed by: Owen Rubin


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Triple Hunt
Hit the Bear
Photos show Triple Hunt with the “Hit the Bear” version installed.


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