Platforms: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Arcade, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Game Boy Color, IBM PC/Compatibles, MSX, NES / Famicom, ZX Spectrum


Main Genre:
3rd-Person , Top-Down
Visual Presentation:
Scrolling (Horizontal or Vertical)


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
IBM version written by: H. Gecko
Thanks to: Teque (for all their help)
Graphics by: Teque, H. Gecko
Title screen artwork by: Mark Potente
Sound and music by: David Whittaker
Platform: MSX
Coded by: Shaun Hollingworth, James Tripp
Graphics by: Mark Potente
MSX Music by: Matt Furniss
Platform: NES / Famicom
Programmers: Franz Lanzinger, David O'Riva
Graphics: Greg Williams, David O'Riva
Audio: Brad Fuller, Don Diekneite, John Paul
Additional Music: Suzan Lanzinger
Thanks: Mike Alexander, Bill Hindorff, Jeff Yonan, Sam Reyes, Bryan Datu
Art & Graphic Design: Louis Saekow Design


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Arcade Version


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