The Terminator

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Action , Movie Adaptation
Licensed Title
Gameplay Style:
Sci-Fi / Futuristic


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Producer: Christopher Weaver
Director: Julian LeFay
Original Screenplay: Gale Anne Hurd, James Cameron
Computer Screenplay: Julian LeFay, Craig Walton
Digital Cinematography: Sheila McKisic
Computer Graphics: Sheila McKisic, J. Rainey, Nancy Freeman
Chief Code Writer: Julian LeFay
Second Unit Code Writer: Craig Walton
Sound Effects: Sound Shop, NY
Sound Editor: Craig Walton
Music: Tom McMail
Continuity: TSCS, Inc.
Documentation: Bob Hires
Key Grip: G. Eade
Post Production Supervisors: K. Farr, Christopher Weaver
Alpha Testers: Jay Beale, Paul Coletta
Beta Testers: TSCS Inc., S. Hiyek, J. Blake, Scott Morath, N. Hunter, Jeff Lee, W. Song
Screaming Lady: M. S. Park
Security Consultants: Integrated Systems Inc.
Advisors: Eddie Dombrower, Randy Linden
Catering: Get It Yourself Inc.
Sons of Artist: Kyle McKisic, Sheila McKisic
Daughter of Director: Morgan Lefay
Pet of SoundMan: Kelsey Laurel
Courier Service: J. M. McKisic
List of Characters: Kyle Reese (struct Player PlayerReese), The Terminator (struct Player PlayerTerminator), Sarah Connor (struct Player PlayerSarah), Dog ( (Stray dog)), Constabulary (struct Enemy EnemyStructs)
The directors wish to thank: The Wives, The kids, Rich Heimlich, Ed Fletcher, B. Russell, Petty Cash, ObjGen Construction Company, World Generator Inc, Caffeine, JulianVille Mayors Office, The Laws of Thermodynamics, Maxwell Equations, a constant flow of secretaries and temps
The directors do not wish to thank: The GlitchWitch, Exception Error Demon, The Keeper of the errant RET, Devils of the Memory Void, The Laws of Mathematics, The Laws of Physics
The programmers would like to express their apologies to: Sir Isaac Newton