The FUNdamentals

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Computer Tutorial

The FUNdamentals Table of Contents
The FUNdamentals Table of Contents

The FUNdamentals is an educational program designed to teach Tandy 1000 owners about their computer system and how software works. The program is divided into several chapters providing information on the keyboard, the computer itself, how software works, Tandy DOS, and DeskMate. Instructions are provided for using the program, and an index allows topics to be looked up. Also included is a simple game “Software Adventure in TandyTown”. This part of the program presents a small town with various businesses including a Radio Shack. Players need to pick up software from the Radio Shack and deliver it to the person who could use it most.

Packaging/Label Styles

This game has releases with the following standardized packaging styles: