Super Sprint

Platforms: Amstrad CPC, Arcade, Atari ST, Commodore 64, NES / Famicom, ZX Spectrum


Main Genre:
Racing / Driving
Visual Presentation:
Fixed / Flip Screen
Featured Vehicles:


Platform: Arcade
Designers and Programmers: Robert Weatherby, Kelly Turner
Animators: Will Noble, Kris Moser, Sam Comstock
Technicians: Dave Wiebenson, Minh Nguyen
Audio: Hal Canon
Special Thanks to: Mary Fujihara, Peter Liepa, Russell Dawe, John Salwitz, Rich Moore, Lyle Rains, David Cook, and Many Others
Dedicated to the Memory of Our Coworker and Friend: George Opperman
Platform: NES / Famicom
Programmer: Bill Hindorff
Graphics & Animation: Greg Williams
Sounds: Hal Canon, Brad Fuller
Based on an Original Game by: Kelly Turner, Robert Weatherby
Special Thanks to: Don Paauw, Steve Woita, Will Noble, Lisa Ching, Franz Lanzinger, Jim Blum, Russell Dawe, Kris Moser, Michael Klug, Jeff Yonan, Pat Riley
Illustration, packaging and manual design by: Louis Saekow Design


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Arcade Version


Instruction Manual
NES / Famicom


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