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IBM PC version of Styx
IBM PC version of Styx
Styx is an action game that is a clone of the arcade game Qix and features similar gameplay. The goal of the game is to guide the marker around the playfield and corner off unclaimed areas without coming into contact with opponents. On each round, at least 80% of the playfield needs to be claimed in order to continue.


During the game the player controls a marker which travels along the edges of the playfield. By drawing lines in the playfield the completely enclose an area that area will be claimed. Unlike in the original Qix, the marker can draw diagonal lines as well as horizontal and vertical. The marker always draws at a constant speed and can’t speed up or slow down, though it can stop drawing. Wandering in the middle of the playfield is the Styx, a set of colored lines that bounces about randomly. If the Styx touches an incomplete line, the player loses a life. In addition to the Styx, guardians travel along the edges of the playfield; if they touch the marker, a life is lost. Since the marker has no defences, all enemies need to be avoided at all times.


Points in the game are earned depending on how much of the playfield is captured and the timing with which it is captured. While playing each level, 10 points are earned for each percentage that is captured. In the upper right corner of the screen is a point multiplier; if the multiplier is blue 1x points are earned, if it is red 5x points are earned, and if it is green, 10x points are earned. The color claimed space on the playfield is filled with matches the color of the multiplier when that space is claimed. In order to complete a level, 80% of the playfield needs to be claimed; at the end of the level 1000 points are awarded for each percent over 80%. The top 10 high scores are automatically saved to the game disk.


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Programmed by: Robert J. Sleath
Cover art by: Russ Liota


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IBM PC/Compatibles
IBM PCjr version


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