Stellar 7

Platforms: Amiga, IBM PC/Compatibles, Macintosh


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Sci-Fi / Futuristic
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Overview and Gameplay of Stellar 7

IBM VGA version of Stellar 7
IBM VGA version of Stellar 7
Stellar 7 is an arcade style action game similar to Battlezone. The game takes place on seven different planets (hence the game title) each with progressively more difficult enemies to destroy. In the game, players have a 1st-person view from the cockpit of a tank like vehicle called the Raven. The Raven is equipped with several different types of weapons. It has a basic front facing canon with an unlimited supply of bullets that can fire up to two shots at a time. Additional weapons can be acquired by locating power-ups (usually by destroying an enemy or another stationary object on the planet). For defense, the Raven is equipped with a shield and a cloaking device. On each planet, after a certain number of enemies are destroyed the planet’s guardian appears. Once the guardian is destroyed a warp to the next planet becomes available.

The Story

Gir Draxon, the supreme overlord of the Arcturan Empire, is preparing to launch an attack on Earth. To stop Gir Draxon from succeeding, the player takes the role of the pilot of a futuristic tank called the Raven. The Raven is the Terran Forces most technologically advanced craft; players need to pilot the Raven in the Arcturan star system and defeat Gir Draxon’s forces on each of seven planets before before the Earth is destroyed. The Arcturan Armada consists of twelve known types of enemies; the game provides a briefing detailing the capabilities of each. Additional enemies will be encountered as well, their capabilities unknown…

The Raven’s Capabilities

The Raven is equipped with several standard issue defences and can also gain additional weapons by collecting power modules. The standard issue capabilities of the Raven include the following:
  • Bi-Phasal Thunder Cannon: Can fire up to two shots at a time. Ammo supply is unlimited.
  • Protonic Shields: Standard issue defensive shields capable of absorbing enemy attacks. Each time the Raven is hit by an attack, the shields energy depletes a little. When the energy is completely depleted, the Raven will be destroyed and the game is over.
  • Inviso Cload Generator: When activated the Raven will be invisible to enemies. Each activation lasts for a limited time and it will need to recharge before being used again. Players begin with three activations, and more can be acquired by picking up a power module.
  • Radar: Displays the location of enemies and other objects relative to the Raven.
  • Zoom Magnification: Allows players to view distant objects closer in the main viewscreen.
In addition to the standard weapons, players can expand the Raven by collecting power modules. Power modules are sometimes left behind when an enemy is destroyed or by destroying stationary obstacles on the planet. Possible power modules are the following:
  • Eel Shield: Allows players to destroy enemies that come into contact with the Raven.
  • Super Canon: Increases the firepower of the main canon and allows more than two shots at a time.
  • MP Thrusters: Provides a short but powerful surge of speed for the Raven.
  • Cat’s Eye: Allows players to see enemies that are cloaked.
  • RC Bomb: Similar to land mines; the Raven can drop these on the ground and enemies who get too close will be destroyed.
  • Jump Thrusters: Allows the Raven to jump a large distance.
Stellar 7 includes three difficulty levels. On each difficulty level players begin with three activations of the Inviso Cloak; on the easiest players also begin with three of each power module, on medium one of each power module, and the hardest level starts players with no additional power modules.


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Producer and Designer: Damon Slye
Lead Programmer: Piotr Lukaszuk
Art Director: Mark Peasley
Conceptual Artist: Robert Caracol
3D Artist: Cyrus Kanga
Shell Programmer & Additional Effects: Nels Bruckner
Artists: Robert Caracol, Mark Peasley, Brian Hahn, Kobi Miller
Audio Director: Alan McKean
Musical Composers: Don Latarski, Kim Nagel, Dale Cooper
Panel Art Painter: D. Brent Burkett
Image Department Director: Randy Dersham
Sound Effects and Music Editor: Chris Stevens
Documentation: Jerry Luttrell
Design Contributors & Playtesters: Paul Bowman, Dariusz Lukaszuk, Jerry Luttrell, David Selle, Forrest Walker
Co-Producer: Jeff Tunnell


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