Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Pinball , Simulation


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Authors: David R. Oldcorn, Andy Richardson
Sales, Marketing, Management, Equipement and Stress Control: Mike Guy
Head Playtester, Music, some vocals: Robert Oldcorn
Help, Assistance and Ideas For Starball PC: Alan Murray, Paul Webster, Ken McLauchlan, Pervez Shamsuddin, Dave Radcliffe, Andy Richardson
Lead Playtesters: Robin Snowden, Mark Healey (Joe 90), Will Varley, friends
Additional Playtesting / Ideas: Pete Stewart, Stuart Shaw, Jon Argall, Richard Davies, Ben McCarthy, Darren Moore, Matt Baker
Legal Advice: Phillip Oldcorn, Richard Davies
Gametek Liaison: Simon Little
General Thanks To: Mike Zeller, Ben Burrows, Steve Williams, Stu Innes, Steven Bryson, Matt R, Geoff P, Cath & Marie (Don't Start!), Nick A, Bruce, Dave P, the rest of Events, Doug Flude, Richard Hutton (Hippy), J.B. Shaw, John O'Donnell, Sue Martin, Mark Syms, Eleanor Kelsey, Allan Jordan (Scoop), Stef Tinsley, Steve Jukes, the rest of 'Old Events', Tim, Andy, Steve, and the rest on NewDawn, Brian Frost, Tony Blews (Beard), Alan Murta, Mat Brooks, Dave Gilbert, Catherine, Glenda & Tiffany, Jennifer Tinsley, Martin, Sallie
More thanks for help to: Scan International, Grey Matter, Creative Labs, A1 Music Preston, Time & Space
Special Thanks to: Harry Oldcorn (for letting Dave live off them for several months), Carole Oldcorn (for letting Dave live off them for several months)
No thanks to: Junk Mail, Daytime TV, Carburettors and more carburettors, Michael Schumacher, A1 Music Manchester, DOS/4GW, The Gravis Ultrasound and its SDK
This game is dedicated to the memory of: Pervez Shamsuddin, and all of those who miss him