Spy Hunter II

Platforms: Arcade
Monitor Orientation: Horizontal
Monitor Type: Raster
Monitor Capabilities: Color
Video Resolution: 512 x 480 @ 30.000000 Hz
Sound Capabilities: Stereo
Sound CPU: Motorola MC68000 @ 8.0 MHz (x1) , Motorola MC6809E @ 2.0 MHz (x1)
Sound Hardware: Analog Devices AD7533 (x2) , Midway Sounds Good Sound Board (x1) , Midway Turbo Cheap Squeak Sound Board (x1)
Arcade System Board: Bally Midway MCR-68K
CPU: Motorola MC68000 @ 7.7238 MHz (x1)
Cabinet Type: Upright/Standard
Gameplay Info
Number of Players Supported: 1-2 Players
Control Panel Layout: Multiple Players
Controls (per player): Gear Shift (x1) , Pedal (x1) , Yoke with 4 buttons (x1)