Platforms: Atari ST, IBM PC/Compatibles, Macintosh, Sinclair QL
Atari ST
Technical Info
Minimum System Supported: Atari 260/520 ST
Minimum RAM Required: 512 KB
Display Hardware Supported: Color Display , Monochrome Display
Media: 3.5" Disk (Single-sided)
Input Devices: Mouse
Gameplay Info
Business Model: Commercial
Number of Players Supported: 1-2 Players
Multiplayer Gameplay: Alternating
IBM PC/Compatibles
Technical Info
Minimum CPU required: 8088 / 8086
Display Hardware Supported: CGA , Hercules , Olivetti/AT&T PC 6300
Sound Hardware Supported: PC Internal Speaker
Input Devices: Keyboard
Additional Supported Options: Printer
Gameplay Info
Number of Players Supported: 1-2 Players