Oldies But Goodies - Games II

Platforms: TI-99/4A


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3-D Tic Tac Toe
3-D Tic Tac Toe
Oldies But Goodies - Games II is a compilation of strategy games released in 1980 for the TI-99/4 computer by Texas Instruments. It is a follow up to Oldies But Goodies - Games I and includes five different game on a single disk or cassette. Each of the games is written in TI BASIC (they can be run with the version built into the TI-99/4 or TI-99/4A computers, the Extended BASIC Command Module is not required).


The games included with Oldies But Goodies - Games II are as follows:
  1. 3-D Tic Tac Toe: A variation of Tic Tac Toe played on a three dimmensional board. As in Tic Tac Toe, the goal is to get a complete line of X's or O's on the board (in this case, the X's and 0's are represented with red and white squares due to limitations of the system). The board consists of four layers, so players may create a straight line on a single layer or vertically as well by using all four layers. The game is for one player against the computer.
  2. Hammurabi: A simple strategy game wher players are the leader of a nation and need to make decisions affecting how prosperous the nation is. On each turn players are given statistics on the nation's status; based on this, players need to make decisions for a series of issues such as how many acres of land to plant, how much land to buy, how much food to feed the population, and so on. If too many people starve to death in a single year, you are thrown out of office.
  3. Hidden Pairs: A game for two players with the goal of matching up squares with varying symbols. In the game, players take turns selecting two squares which reveals a hidden symbol or image. If the symbol matches, the player earns a point for the match otherwise the symbols are hidden again. The game ends when all matches are found and the player who found the most wins. Players can choose to match geometric shapes, states, or monsters.
  4. Pegjump: A strategy game for one player. The game starts with a cross-shaped pegboard filled with pegs in each space except for in one in the middle. Players to need to remove pegs one at a time by selecting a peg and jumping over another into an empty space. The peg that is jumped over is removed from the board. The goal is to remove every peg except for one from the board; careful strategy is required otherwise players may leave themselves in a situation where no more moves are possible. A score is provided at the end of the game based on how many pegs are left when no more moves are possible.
  5. Word Safari: Allows the player to create a simple word search. Players can create a puzzle that is either 10x10, 20x20, or 25x25 blocks in size that has a selectable number of words hidden in it. The goal is to find all of the words which can be written in the puzzle in any direction (horizontall, diagonally, backwards, and so on). The generated puzzle can be shown on the screen or sent to a printer.


Instruction Manual
5.25" disk version
Instruction Manual
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