Platforms: Arcade, ColecoVision


Main Genre:
Side View
Visual Presentation:
Scrolling (Horizontal or Vertical)
Gameplay Style:


Arcade version of Looping
Arcade version of Looping

Looping is an action game originally released in arcades in 1982 by Venture Line, Inc. and ported to the ColecoVision a year later. In the game players need to guide a plane from a runway to a docking station by destroying targets and looping past obstacles.


In Looping players control a plane which is capable of flying around the game screen in a looping pattern and can fire shots forward. The goal is to guide the plane from the runway at the left side of the playfield to the docking station at the right. Each level consists of three sections which need to be completed; in the first area, players need to destroy a target which will open the gate to the next section. Numerous hot air balloons are found here and attack the player; these need to be avoided or can be shot. The second section features a pipe maze; there are no attacking enemies, however players need to determine the best route through the maze. The turning radius of the plane is limited, so players need to loop around the maze a few times since a sharp enough turn to take the shortest route isn't possible. Once past the maze, the last area has the docking station blocked by a wall with small openings and other obstacles. Players need to shoot the obstacles to clear a path then fly into the station. Once all sections have been completed, the game repeats with a higher level of difficulty.


Platform: Arcade
Developed by: Giorgio Ugozzoli
Platform: ColecoVision
Programmed by: Ed English


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Arcade Version


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