Jungle Hunt: Instruction Manual

Game: Jungle Hunt
Platform: Atari 5200
For the Atari 5200
Insert your 5200 game cartridge so the label faces you and reads right-side-up. Be sure the cartridge is firmly seated in the center of the console, but do not force it. Then press the POWER switch on. See your owners manual for further details. GAME PLAY A leisurely Jungle safari turned into fiasco when your lady friend was kidnapped by two cannibals. They'll turn her into soup if you don't rescue her quickly!

To rescue your friend, you'll need to make your way past four obstacles: a jungle where you'll jump from rope to rope, a river filled with open-jawed crocodiles, a landslide of boulders, and a cannibal campsite where your friend hangs suspended over a steaming pot of soup. use your Joystick to swim through the river and to run on dry land; use the red fire buttons to jump and to use your knife against the crocodiles (see USING THE CONTROLLERS for details).

You'll score points as you overcome obstacles, and you'll also score bonus points for rescuing your friend.

You're given three lives at the start of the game. At 10,000 points you are given one extra life - if you survive that long.

When you begin the gane you have 500 seconds to complete your rescue mission. A timer counts down the seconds as you play. The sooner you rescue your friend, the more bonus points you'll earn - so don't dawdle.

The obstacles you'll face are:


To cross the jungle, use your top fire buttons to swing from rope to rope. At higher levels of game play, monkeys appear on some of the ropes. Avoid the monkey by jumping above or below them. If you touch one, you'll be pushed off the rope.


The river is filled with schools of man-eating crocodiles. To survive you'll have to either swim out of their way or stab them with your knife. Crocodiles swimming near the bottom are worth more points than those swimming near the surface. You can stab a crocodile if its jaws are partially open, but beware of any crocodile with its mouth fully open - your knife will be useless against it. While swimming underwater you'll need to keep an eye on your air meter. If you're still underwater when the meter runs out, you'll lose a life. Watch out for the Mysterious Murk that bubbles up from the riverbed. If the Murk touches you, you'll float helplessly to the surface and will be defenseless against the crocodiles. The effects of the Murk last only for a short period - if a crocodile doesn't get you while you're under its influence, you'll recover and can continue swimming.


After you cross the river you'll encounter a mountain of bouncing boulders. Avoid the smaller boulders by jumping over or ducking beneath them. Avoid the larger boulders by jumping over, running beneath, or ducking beneath them.


Jump over the two dancing cannibals to reach your friend - she's hanging just above the a cauldron of soup. After you pass the cannibals you must jump onto the rope that is holding your friend. Be careful! If you don't time your jump correctly, you'll fall into the pot.


After a touching reunion with your friend, you'll return to the Deadly Jungle for the next level of game play. The game becomes increasingly difficult as you move on to higher levels. You can continue playing until you run out of players, or until the timer runs out. USING THE CONTROLLERS Plug one 5200 controller firmly into jack 1 for one-player games; plug a second controller into jack 2 for two player-games. The player using jack 1 controls the game selection and starts the game. Use the fire buttons to jump over boulders and onto ropes, or to use your knife in Reptile River. A bottom fire button will repeat any function as long as it remains pressed; a top fire button will perform a function only once each time the buttoon is pressed. Use your controller to maneuver through these sections of the jungle:

DEADLY RIVER - Use a top fire button to jump from rope to rope.

REPTILE RIVER - Use your joystick to move in any direction in the river. Use any red fire button to stab crocodiles.

BOULDER FIELD - Use your joystick to run right or left. To duck beneath a boulder, simply pull back on the joystick. Jump over boulders by pressing any red fire button - jump even higher by pushing your joystick forward before you jump.

CANNIBAL CAMP - Use your joystick to move right and left. Use any red fire button to jump over cannibals, and to leap onto the rope that is holding your friend. CONTROL KEYS Press START to begin the game. press PAUSE to freeze the action and the press START to unfreeze the action. Press PAUSE and then RESET to return to the option screen during gameplay. GAME OPTIONS There are three skill levels in JUNGLE HUNT: beginner, medium and advanced. In the beginner skill level you're given six lives at the start of the game; on the meadium and advanced skill levels you're given three lives. The advanced skill level also starts with a more difficult level of gameplay than the medium or beginner skill levels.

Press the # key to choose the appropriate skill level. To see a demonstration of game play, press the 1 on your keypad.

Press PAUSE and the RESET to return to the options screen during game play, in order to select a new game level.

Press the * key to select a one-player or two-player game. When you've selected the appropriate game options, press START to begin the game. SCORING
 Jumping to a rope          100 points
 Stabbing a crocodile       100 points closed jaws
 (upper river)              200 points open jaws
 Stabbing a crocodile       200 points closed jaws
 (lower river)              300 points open jaws
 Running under a boulder     50 points
 Ducking under a boulder    100 points
 Jumping over a boulder     200 points
 Jumping over a cannibal    200 points
Bonus life                                       At 10,000 points
Rescuing your friend                             3x timer value
Each time you exit a section of the jungle       500 points
  • The sooner you rescue your friend the more bonus points you'll receive. The deadly Jungle can be esecially time-consuming, so practice jumping from rope to rope as quickly as possible.
  • If a rope is occupied by a pushy monkey, wait until it climbs up to the top before making your jump
  • A crocodile's underbelly is particularly vulnerable; try to come from beneath when stabbing one.
  • If you want to conserve lives, simply avoid the crocodiles instead of stabbing them.
  • For an extra lift whn jumping over boulders and cannibals, push the joystick forward before you jump. Not only will you jump higher, but you'll also stay aloft longer.
  • Sometimes you'll find a large boulder rolling faster than a small boulder. Try to time your leap so that you jump over both at the same time.
  • Time your leaps over the cannibals' spears so you reach your friend when she's descending towards the pot. If you leap when she's too high, you'll fall into the soup!