James Bond 007

Platforms: Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, Sega SG-1000


Main Genre:
Licensed Title
Side View
Visual Presentation:
Scrolling (Horizontal or Vertical)


Atari 5200 version of James Bond 007
Atari 5200 version of James Bond 007

James Bond 007 is an action game by On Time Software and published by Parker Brothers in 1984. Inspired by several movies in the James Bond movie franchise, the game is a side scroller where players control James Bond's multi-purpose craft which has properties of a car, plane, and submarine. There are four different types of levels which have similar gameplay but each have a different goal to complete. If players can complete all scenarios, the game ends with players winning. One or two player options are available with players alternating in the two player game.


James Bond 007 features a side scrolling view similar to that used by Moon Patrol. The craft players control can be sped up or slowed down and is capable of jumping into the air or diving underwater (depending on the section of the game) as well as firing forward, upwards (at an angle), or dropping bombs underwater. Each of the levels in the game features a specific goal to complete; if the target or goal is missed, that section will be repeated until players are successful. The four missions are each inspired by a different movie and include the following:

  • Diamonds Are Forever: The goal is to land on Seraffino's oil rig which is hidden out in the ocean. This scenario begins in the desert where players need to avoid giant craters and laser equipped satellites. The second part is in the ocean where enemy divers attack as well. The level takes place in the dark; in order to see some objects (including the oil rig!) players need to shoot the diamonds which are floating in the sky which will temporarily light up the screen.
  • The Spy Who Loved Me: The goal is to destroy Stromberg's undersea laboratory and rescue fellow agent Anya Amasova. This scenario takes place in the ocean with numerous underwater missiles being launched. Additionally, oil tankers are occasionally encountered which can't be destroyed but must be jumped over or dived under. When the laboratory is located, players need to bomb it to destroy it. An escape capsule will appear which must be picked up to save Anya.
  • Moonraker: The goal here is to destroy three spinning satellites. During this level numerous space shuttles are launched from underwater. When they reach the top of the screen, they'll explode! If players happen to be above water at the same time, their craft will be destroyed so timing underwater dives is necessary. Additionally, several mini-subs will appear and attack.
  • For Your Eyes Only: The goal of the final stage is to retrieve radio equipment from a sunken fishing trawler. This water section has numerous, tall mountain peaks that need to be avoided or the craft is destroyed. It is also dark; divers and mini-subs attack but can only be seen by dropping flare bombs which light the screen momentarily. The final danger is the occasional helicopter which has a tracking system making it's fire highly accurate. Once the trawler is located, players need to guide the craft onto the radio antenna in order to collect the equipment.
At the end of the game, a rating is provided (the highest possible rating is 007, of course). Points are earned throughout the game by destroying targets and completing missions. If all missions are successful, additional points are awarded for each remaining craft.


Platform: Atari 2600
Designed and Programmed by: Joseph Gaucher
Music by: Dan Kurchevsky
Produced (for Parker Brothers) by: Louis Marbel
Graphics by: Kathy Von
Platform: ColecoVision
Programmed by: Paul Crowley


Instruction Manual
Atari 5200
Instruction Manual


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