Platforms: TI-99/4A


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Turn Based


Hangman is a computerized version of the well known word guessing game for the TI-99/4 and TI-99/4A computers. The rules of the game remain the same; A secret word is chosen by the computer and players need to guess the word one letter at a time. Each time a letter is chosen that is part of the word, it's displayed on the screen. A wrong guess will draw part of the hangman; if players guess a wrong letter too many times, the complete hangman is drawn and the game is over. This computerized version includes an optional time limit and one or two player games, each with a few gameplay variations.

One Player Games

For single player games there are two variations available:
  1. Regular: A standard game of hangman. When a correct letter is guessed, it will be shown in the correct position for the word.
  2. Scramble: Letters will appear on the screen in the same order as they are guessed, not the in the order they would appear in the word. Once all of the correct letters are guessed, the word is unscrambled and appears on the screen.
For either game variation Hangman includes a list of preprogrammed words or players can create their own custom word list.

Two Player Games

For two player games three variations are available:
  1. Guess Same Word: Each player takes turns guessing the same word that is chosen by the computer.
  2. Guess Different Words: The computer randomly selects a different word for each player. Players take turns guessing their own word.
  3. Each Enter Word: Each player can enter a word (up to 12 letters long) for their opponent to guess.
For options 1 and 2 the computer will select the word from either the preprogrammed list or from a custom list players can create. In any of the variations the first player to correctly guess their word wins the game.


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