Gauntlet: Legends

Platforms: Arcade


Main Genre:
Bird's-eye view


Platform: Arcade
Game Credits
Lead Programmer: Steven Bennetts
Programmers: Jun Amanai, Nathan Pooley (Acorn)
Art Director: Steve Caterson (Scat)
Lead 3D Artists: Terry Lloyd, Chris Sutton, Rhizaldi Bugawan, Kenneth Tan
3D Animation: Takeshi Hasegawa
2D Graphics: Rhizaldi Bugawan, Chris Sutton
Producer: Mike Hally
Executive Producer: Mark Stephen Pierce
Music and Sound Design: John Paul
Technician: Dennis Nale
Special Thanks
Additional Programming: Bruce Rogers, Dave Shepperd, Mike Albaugh, Jack Miller
Marketing: Derryl DePriest, Mary Fujihara, Ray Bersabe, Randall Ng, Jackie Sherman, Richard Peltier
Sales Staff: Mike Taylor, Elaine Shirley, Tom Keil, Masao Ohata, Alex Donnelly, Hiroko Koike
Hardware Design: Steve Correll, Andrew Dyer, Ross Shaffer, Mike Place
Hardware Support: Pete Mokris, Steve Norris, Gregg Piotrowski, Ray Gay, Betty Purcell, Jeff Peters
Cabinet Design: Dave Cook
Harness Design: Stevie Landaverde
Regulatory Testing: Rick Meyette
Prototype Assembly: Mark Hoendervoogt, Tram Vu, Patrick Hubbell
Documentation Control: Evelyn Perez
Motion Capture Technician: Greg Allen
Additional CleanUp: Chris Thornton
Motion Capture Models: Loren Bryant, Rhizaldi Bugawan, Steve Caterson, Pele Gaoteote, Randall Ng, Nathan Pookey (Acorn), Karin Roettgering, Felix Robinos, Stephanie Serna, Chris Sutton, Kenneth Tan
Coin Free Model: Mark Stephen Pierce
High Res Models: Viewpoint Data Labs
Full Motion Video: Mondo Media
Additional Music: Michael Henry
Voice Talent: Douglas Lawrence, Laura Amat, Ron Seawright, Patrice Crawford, Tox Gunn, Joe Lyford
Troubadours: Joe Lyeford, Michael Henry, Don Diekneite
Game Testers
Lead Tester: Charles Ybarra (Darth), Jesse Meza (Papa Bear)
Testers: Trenton Lewis (Shonuff), Steven Fogs, Mario Guevara (Mad), Brian Benson, Chris Lewis, Joffrey Suraez, Eric Franklin (Predator), Alfredo Sanchez (Maverick), Steve Patton (Aries), Richard Pascual, Alex Beran, CJ Perez, Thomas Hong, Gio Erazo, Gamest Staff


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