The Game Show

Platforms: Apple II, IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Game Show
Logic , Language
Editor / Construction Set


Apple II version of The Game Show
Apple II version of The Game Show
The Game Show is an educational game which uses a T.V. quiz show format. It was published by Advanced Ideas for Apple II and IBM PC computers. The gameplay is similar to the Milton Bradley board game Password and can be played by one or two players. On each turn, the computer provides a clue; players need to respond with the correct word or phrase that they think the clue is referring to. For each word/phrase, there are ten possible points to be earned along with ten possible clues. Each time a clue is used up, the number of points earned for a correct response is reduced by one and no points are earned if all of the clues are shown before the correct answer is given. At the end of the game the player with the most points wins.

The Game Show comes with numerous subject areas including Animals, Algebra, Vocabulary, Sailing Terms, Nursery Rhymes, Famous Cities, Biology, and many more. An editor is included with the game which allows players to create their own subject areas along with all of the clues and target words that go with it. The default subject areas can be modified as well.