Darius Gaiden

Platforms: Arcade, Windows
Monitor Orientation: Horizontal
Monitor Type: Raster
Monitor Capabilities: Color
Video Resolution: 320 x 232 @ 58.970000 Hz
Sound Capabilities: Stereo
Sound CPU: Motorola MC68000 @ 15.238090 MHz (x1)
Sound Hardware: Ensoniq 5505/5506 to 5510 interface (x1) , Ensoniq ES5505 @ 15.23809 MHz (x1) , Ensoniq ES5510 @ 10.0 MHz (x1) , Taito Ensoniq Sound System (x1)
Arcade System Board: Taito F3 System
Wiring: JAMMA
CPU: Motorola MC68EC020 @ 16.0 MHz (x1)
Cabinet Availability: Conversion Kit
Cabinet Type: Upright/Standard
Gameplay Info
Number of Players Supported: 1-2 Players
Control Panel Layout: Multiple Players
Multiplayer Gameplay: Simultaneous
Controls (per player): Button (x2) , Joystick (x1)