Cosmic Brewers

Platforms: Commodore VIC-20


Main Genre:
Side View
Gameplay Style:
Visual Presentation:
Scrolling (Horizontal or Vertical)


Cosmic Brewers for the VIC-20
Cosmic Brewers for the VIC-20

Cosmic Brewers is an action game released by Qiss Formula Software for the Commodore VIC-20. The game is somewhat similar to Moon Patrol; returning home from Cosmic Brewers, the goal is guide a moon buggy past various obstacles all the way to home. The moon buggy travels steadily forward and players can have it shoot, jump a short distance, or jump a long distance (unlike Moon Patrol, the buggy location is fixed and players can't move it forwards or backwards). Obstacles encountered include craters, giant rocks, and falling bottles (which sometimes may cause additional craters). The buggy can jump over any obstacle, however only the bottles and rocks may be shot. If any obstacles are hit, the buggy is destroyed; the game ends when players have no remaining buggies.


Platform: Commodore VIC-20
By: Paul Aussem


Instruction Manual
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