Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST, FM Towns, IBM PC/Compatibles, PC-9800 Series, Sharp X68000


Main Genre:
Strategy , Simulation
Bird's-eye view , Top-Down
Gameplay Style:


Platform: Amiga
Executive Producer: Brian Fargo
Producer: Scott Bennie
Production Assistance: Katie Fisher
Programming (PC): Byon Garrabrant
Programming Assistance: Robert Barris, Tony Fu, Bill Snyder, Jim Sproul, David Steffen
Design: Scott Bennie
Design Assistance: William C. Fisher, Byon Garrabrant
Art: Arlene Caberto Somers, David Nelson, Meghan Rowntree
Art Assistance: Todd J. Camasta, David Mosher
Music Production: George Alistair Sanger
Music: David Govett
Music Conversions: Jacob R. Buchert III
Playtesting: Jacob R. Buchert III, Thomas R. Decker, Vincent DeNardo, Everyone at Quicksilver Software Inc.
Manual Design: Carol Aggett
Manual: Scott Bennie
Manual Art: Hayato Ochiai, Dan Burke, David Nelson


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