Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

Platforms: Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64


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Atari 800 version of Bounty Bob Strikes Back
Atari 800 version of Bounty Bob Strikes Back
Bounty Bob Strike Back! is a platform/action game originally released in 1984 by Big Five Software. The game was first released for Atari Home Computers and later ported to other systems including the Atari 5200, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, and ZX Spectrum. It is the sequel to Miner 2049er and features similar gameplay; players once again control Bounty Bob with the mission of claiming an abandoned mine within a given time limit while avoiding the numerous radioactive mutants that wander about. Bounty Bob Strike Back! includes 25 unique levels (up from 10 in Miner 2049er), each which have a unique theme and require a unique strategy to complete.


In the game players control Bounty Bob with the goal of claiming all 25 stations in a mine. Each station consists of numerous platforms, ladders, and other objects and devices (such as slides, elevators, and more). To claim a mine, Bounty Bob needs to walk over ever section of the platforms; after Bounty Bob walks on a section, the color changes to indicate it has been claimed. Throughout each of the stations are numerous mutants and archaeological artifacts. Normally the mutants are deadly to touch and need to be avoided; after picking up an artifact, however, they become temporarily vulnerable and Bounty Bob can destroy them simply be walking into them. The effect lasts a short time, so players often need to be quick. Additionally, each station has a time limit; if time runs out, players lose a life.

Bounty Bob can walk, jump, or climb ladders to reach the different platforms in the mine. In some of the mines, additional devices can also transport Bounty Bob to some platforms (this includes slides, elevators, transporters, suction tubes, canons, and lifts). Many of the stations have numerous, small platforms that can only be reached by jumping to them; while jumping, if Bounty Bob falls a short distance he will be safe, however falling a large distance causes Bounty Bob to be squashed and a life to be lost. Each of the 25 stations features a different layout of platforms; to claim all sections players will often need to devise a strategy for reaching each section safely within the given time limit. Points are earned in the game for each section of mine claimed, for destroying mutants, for items collected, and a bonus is awarded for leftover time after a station is completed.

While the gameplay and graphics are very similar to Miner 2049er, Bounty Bob Strike Back! adds a few enhancements over the original: there are 25 stations instead of 10, the platforms have a psuedo 3D effect added to them, and after a life is lost players don't have to restart the station from the beginning (claimed sections remain claimed and destroyed mutants don't reappear).


Platform: Atari 5200
Programmed by: Bill Hogue
Computer graphics designed by: Curtis A. Mikolyski, Bill Hogue
Music by: Jeff Dee
Poster and box graphic designed by: Curtis A. Mikolyski
Poster and box paintings by: Kathy Swain
Mine history compiled by: Bill Hogue, Curtis A. Mikolyski
Project supervision by: Dos Cartwright
Travel arrangements courtesy: ZinnAir Ltd.
Champagne supplied by: Bob Travis
Corks launched by: Jeff Konyu
Corks retrieved by: Nugget and Pokey
Conversion licenses available from: International Computer Group; Chatsworth - CA


Poster / Instruction Manual
Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit

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