Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Movie Adaptation , Adventure
Puzzle Solving


IBM VGA version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
IBM VGA version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is an action/adventure game based on the movie of the same name. Players control the titular characters Bill and Ted with the goal of using a time traveling phone booth to visit different eras and bring back to the present time famous "historical dudes". Players must complete the goal within a time limit. At the end of the game players are awarded a score based on whether the task is completed in time and how many of the famous characters are collected.

The Story and Gameplay

The story in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure follows that of the movie. Bill and Ted have started a band, the "Wyld Stallyns", which will provide musical inspiration in the future. However, they are in danger of failing their history class which would cause the band to break up. Rufus is sent from the future in a time traveling telephone booth to help them. In order to pass their class, Bill and Ted need to use the phone booth to travel to various times in the past and convince famous dudes to follow them back and participate in their history class presentation.

In the game players control both Bill & Ted simultaneously. Utilizing the phone booth, different time periods corresponding to when famous people lived can be visited. The game includes a booklet "The Circuits of Time" which contains a list of phone numbers to travel to different times and also acts as a sort of copy protection. To win the game players need to get as many famous people as possible back to the present within the allotted time limit. The famous people don't always follow Bill & Ted easily; sometimes they need to be bribed with a certain object. Objects can be found in different locations and different time periods, and are not necessarily in the same time as the person who is looking for it. Additionally, the path to reach a famous person isn't always simple; sometimes an action sequence needs to be completed (such as dodging cannon balls to reach Napoleon or jumping paint buckets to reach Michelangelo). When famous dudes are collected, Bill & Ted can stop at the mall in their own time to drop them off. Also in the mall is a phone where they can call for a ride to school which ends the game. If Bill & Ted have enough famous dudes in their presentation when they go to school players win the game, otherwise the game is lost.


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Executive Producer: Leigh M. Rothschild
Produced by: Angie Niehoff, David Turner
Excellent programming: James A. Dorsman, Richard Lamb, Eric Harlow, Mark Buda
Triumphant sound: James A. Dorsman, Douglas E. Mackall
Bodacious graphics: Chris Jenkins, Curtis S. Wayne
Box design by: Shari Mariano, Vicki Finnk-Cortina

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