World Tour Golf

Platforms: Apple IIgs, IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
3rd-Person , Top-Down
Editor / Construction Set


Tandy 1000 version of World Tour Golf
Tandy 1000 version of World Tour Golf

World Tour Golf is a golf simulation first published by Electronic Arts in 1986. The game allows 1 to 4 players to play a round of golf on over a dozen well known real life courses or a fantasy course created for the game; a course architect is also included allowing players to build courses of their own using a wide variety of trees, sand, greens, and other objects.


World Tour Golf features a split screen with the left side providing a top down view and the right side a 3D view from just behind the golfer. The game uses a system fairly common to golf games for hitting the ball; pressing a button starts a meter moving and then players need to press the button again when the meter indicates the desired shot strength. The meter will reverse direction, and players need to press a button a third time to attempt to align the meter with an indicator at the bottom. Perfect alignment will provide a straight shot, however if players miss the mark the ball will either hook or slice. When a club is selected, the game provides an indicator showing how far a perfect shot would travel. Various course conditions are possible such as wind affecting the ball's flight path or wet and dry conditions affecting how far the ball rolls. A driving range and practice green are also available for players learning the game.

Included with World Tour Golf is a course architect; this allows players to design their own 18 hole golf courses to play in the game by laying out fairways, greens, rough, water, and a wide variety of objects including bunkers, tees, trees, rocks, and even some more whimsical items including dinosaurs. The fairways, water, and rough can be drawn into any shape by placing the desired terrain in a grid, however greens and bunkers are provided in several predefined shapes.


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Game Concept, Design & Programming: Evan Robinson, Nicky Robinson, Paul Reiche III
Graphics Routines: Dan Silva
Original Music: Tommy Dunbar
Sound Effects and Aural Programming: David Warhol
Producer: Don L. Daglow
Assistant Producer: Dave Koch
Technical Directors: Jeff Johannigman, Dan Silva
Testing Coordinator: Roland Kippenhan III
Product Manager: Don Traeger
Art Director: Nancy L. Fong
Package Design: Michael LaBash
Package Photography: Steven Unze


Instruction Manual
1987 release
IBM / Tandy Command Summary
IBM PC/Compatibles
1987 release

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