Wizard of Id's WizType

Platforms: Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, IBM PC/Compatibles


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Editor / Construction Set


IBM PC version of WizType
IBM PC version of WizType
Wizard of Id's WizType is an educational game designed to teach touch typing and is based on the Wizard of Id comic strip by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart. It features several types of typing exercises and increasingly difficult skill levels to allow players to practice typing while characters from the comic strip appear throughout.


Wizard of Id's WizType features two main types of gameplay. In the first part of the game the spirit living in the barrel provides letters or words and the wizard needs to zap them. In order for the wizard to zap the words, the player needs to type them correctly. Time is limited; the spirit continuously provides letters and words, and as they pile up it starts to turn into a dragon. If the spirit completely turns to a dragon, the wizard is reduced to a pile of ashes. If this happens too many times the game ends. The second part of the game has players typing out full paragraphs of text. Bung, the court jester, can optionally help keep pace. Bung will bounce along the top of the screen at a set pace and alert players by stopping if they don't type at the same speed.

WizType includes numerous words and paragraphs predefined, and also allows users to customize the program by entering their own data. There are 20 different difficulty levels included which vary the difficulty and length of words needing to be typed as well as the speed at which goals need to be completed.
Wizard of Id's WizType


Platform: Apple II
Apple version programmed by: Chuck Benton
Cover artwork by: Brant Parker
Based on characters from the comic strip "the Wizard of Id" by: Brant Parker, Johnny Hart
Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Programmed by: Frank Randak


Instruction Manual
IBM PC/Compatibles
Tandy release


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