Veil of Darkness

Platforms: FM Towns, IBM PC/Compatibles, PC-9800 Series


Main Genre:
Action-Adventure , RPG
3rd-Person , Isometric


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Producer (Event Horizon): James H. Namestka
IBM Lead Programmer: Thomas J. Holmes
Additional Programming: Don Wuenschell
Designers: Thomas J. Holmes, Christopher L. Straka
Art & Graphics: Frank Schurter, Jane Yeager
Music: Anthony Mollick, Ed Puskar, Pete Smolcic
Story Author: Scot Noel
Rule Book Editors: Al Brown, Eileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
Editing Support: Kym Goyer
Producer (SSI): Nicholas Beliaeff
Associate Producers: David A. Lucca, Rick White
Playtesters: Michael H. Gilmartin, Sean House, Chris Warshauer, Christine M. Watson
Test Support: Sandy Sturtevant
Graphic Design / DTP: David Boudreau, Leedara Sears
Art Direction (Box): Louis Hsu Saekow
Photography (Box): David Boudreau
Photo Retouch (Box): Arnold Doong


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Product Catalogs
SSI Spring 1993 product catalog