Super Zaxxon

Platforms: Apple II, Arcade, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Visual Presentation:
Scrolling (Horizontal or Vertical)


IBM PC version of Super Zaxxon
IBM PC version of Super Zaxxon
Super Zaxxon is a scrolling shooter by SEGA Enterprises initially released in arcades in 1982 and later ported to several home computers. The game is a sequel to Zaxxon; overall gameplay remains the same as it's predecessor, however there are some changes intended to make the game more challenging.


In Super Zaxxon players control a space ship with goal of earning points by navigating through a heavily guarded fortress. The game graphics use an isometric view to create a 3D effect; to help players determine their ship's position in the environment there is an altimeter to the left side of the screen and the player's ship casts shadows and changes size as it moves around. The ship's only weapon is the ability to fire shots forward.

The gameplay is essentially the same as the previous game; the game screen scrolls continuously and player's attempt to earn as many points as possible by shooting the various targets and enemies. If players are hit by enemy fire or crash into one of the numerous walls and barriers that appear, a life is lost; the game is over when player's have no additional lives in reserve. Super Zaxxon does feature some differences when compared with the original game which include:
  • The level layouts are different than in the original game.
  • The player's ship moves much faster making it harder to line up shots to destroy ground targets and to avoid barriers.
  • Minor changes to the game graphics including a slightly different perspective.
  • The outer space area is replaced with a narrow tunnel.
  • New enemies have been added including Mine Layers and indestructible guns.
  • The single end of level robot is replaced with three dragon-like opponents.
As in Zaxxon, each level in Super Zaxxon is divided into three distinct areas:
  • Fortress Area 1:
    The first area encoutered in the game has numerous ground targets (fuel tanks and radar towers) to destroy. It's not necessary to destroy all of the targets to complete the level, however the player's ship has a limited amount of fuel and shooting a fuel tank replenishes the fuel level. There are numerous surface to air missiles to dodge and gun emplacements protecting targets. Walls and barries appear occasionally and player's will need to fly over them. Player's will also want to make sure they don't remain at a high altitude for too long as a fast moving air to air missile will appear that's difficult to dodge or destroy.
  • Tunnel:
    The second area in the game is a narrow tunnel; player's are unable to fly very high here often making it necessary to shoot any enemy planes in the way rather than fly above or below them. Mine layers also appear and leave deadly mines in the player's path; mines can be destroyed, but it takes 6 shots making it difficult to do so.
  • Fortress Area 2:
    The final area resembles the first fortress area, however it is more difficult. The walls and barriers in this section have narrow openings players will need to fly through. Fuel tanks and radar towers are often well protected by walls making them harder to destroy. At the end of this area there are three large Super Zaxxon's (large dragon-like creatures) player's need to defeat. Similar to the robots in the original Zaxxon, the Super Zaxxons require multiple hits to destroy.
If a player successfully completes each area, the game proceeds to the next level which repeats the same areas again but with a higher degree of difficulty.
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