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Stunt Flyer for the Commodore 64
Stunt Flyer for the Commodore 64

Stunt Flyer is a flight simulator released for the Commodore 64 by Sierra On-Line. As the pilot of a small prop-plane, players need to perform a variety of different stunts. The game features both first-person 3D view where players perform the various stunts and a 2D scrolling view that replays stunts; points are awarded for how well players perform each of 20 different available stunts. Included with the game is an extensive instruction manual which details the history of stunt flying, aviation basics, and each of the different stunts available.


Platform: Commodore 64
Programmed by: Nice Ideas
Aerobatic Consultant: Alan Gerringer
Instruction Manual by: Annette Childs


Instruction Manual
Commodore 64
Reference Card
Commodore 64

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