Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos

Platforms: NES / Famicom

Also Known As


Main Genre:
Gameplay Style:
Puzzle Elements
Visual Presentation:
Fixed / Flip Screen


Platform: NES / Famicom
Produced by: the Solstice Team
Programmed by: Michael Webb
Graphics by: Mark Wilson
Music by: Tim Follin
Game designed by: Michael Webb, Mark Wilson
Associate producers/Los Angeles: Jeff Benjamin, Larry Castro
Associate producers/Tokyo: Yuji Takahashi, Ryotaro Hasegawa, Kōji Watanabe
Executive Producers: Richard Kay, Shigeo Maruyama, Hiroaki Ishikawa
Packaging Design: Carol Roy
Cover Artwork by (U.S. version): Michael J. Winterbauer


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