Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


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Reading / Writing


IBM PC version of Signplay
IBM PC version of Signplay
Signplay is an educational game developed by Compu-Teach for children ages 2 - 4. Seven mini-games are included with the program which are designed to help teach children common signs that are encountered and the relationship of words and symbols. Signplay includes the following programs:

See Sign and Name
An introductory game, each of the signs are shown along with the correct word they match up to. Signs include Yield, Stop, No Parking, Exit, Do Not Enter, and many more; the set of signs shown here are the same ones used in the other games as well.

See a Sign and Choose a Name
In this game a sign is shown, however the word displayed on it may not match. The goal is to select the correct word to match the sign shape. For example, the words No Parking could appear on a mailbox; players can press the spacebar to cycle through words until the correct words come up.

See a Name and Choose a Sign
This is the opposite of the previous game; once again the shape and words of the signs shown may not match, however this time the goal is to select the correct sign shape to match the given words.

Fill in the First Letter
In this game a correct sign and word combination are shown, however the first letter of a word is missing. The goal of the game is to enter in the correct letter to complete the word.

Fill in Some Letter
Similar to the previous game, a correct sign and word combination are shown. However, instead of the first letter being left out, any letter from a word can be left out. The goal is once again to enter the correct letter that is missing.

Fill in the Name
In this game a sign shape is shown, but the entire word is missing. Blank spaces are shown for each letter of the word and the goal is to enter in the complete word correctly.

Make a Sign
This an open ended game where custom signs can be made. The program presents a sign shape and children can enter any words they want into the available space.


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Produced by: Roger Schank
Designed by: Roger Schank, Elliot Soloway
Program by: Joaquin Marques
Graphics by: Robert Kissel
Design support by: Christopher Riesback, James Galambos, Stephen Slade
Documentation by: Robert Parker
Edited by (PCjr): David Lilly


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