Princess and Frog

For: Atari 8-bit, Commodore VIC-20, TI-99/4A


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Atari 400/800 version of Princess and Frog
Atari 400/800 version of Princess and Frog
Princess and Frog is an action game released by Romox. It is a clone of the game Frogger and features similar gameplay with a slightly varied theme. In the game players control a frog with the goal of safely reaching the opposite side of the screen where a castle with the princess is. As in Frogger, the screen is split into two sections each with a different challenge. Players begin at the bottom of the screen where the first challenge is to get past a field with numerous jousting knights. In the upper half of the screen players need to safely cross a moat to reach each of the castle gates. The moat is filled with snakes and crocodiles; similar to Frogger players need to jump on the backs of the creatures and can't fall into the water in the process. Once each of the gates is filled by a frog, the game continues on the next, more difficult level. For each attempt the player is given 60 seconds to reach the goal; if time runs, the frog is hit by a knight, the frog falls in the water, or the frog hits the left or right side of the screen then a life is lost. The game ends when no more lives remain.


Platform: Atari 8-bit
By: Eddy Fries
Platform: Commodore VIC-20
By: Bob Horn


Princess and Frog Instructions
Commodore VIC-20