Prince of Persia

Platforms: Apple II, IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Puzzle Solving


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Game Credits
Original game design, programming, and graphics by: Jordan Mechner
Produced by: Brian Eheler
Music composed by: Francis Mechner
Live-action footage modeled by: David Mechner, Michael Coffey, Tina La Deau, Robert Cook
Special thanks to: Robert Cook, Tomi Pierce, Eric Deeds, Corey Kosak, Roland Gustafsson, Oliver Fellguth, Brøderbund Quality Assurance Department, Glenn Axworthy, Jeffrey Charvat, Chris Jochumson
Cover artwork by: Robert Florczak
IBM/Tandy Version
Programmed by: Lance Groody
Graphics by: Leila Joslyn, Avril Harrison, James St. Louis
Music arrangement and sound effects by: Tom Reamy
Special thanks to: Glenn Axworthy, Jeffrey Charvat, Chris Jochumson


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