Pipe Dream

Platforms: Acorn Electron, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Apple IIgs, BBC Micro, IBM PC/Compatibles, Macintosh, NES / Famicom, SAM Coupé, ZX Spectrum

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Real Time
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Fixed / Flip Screen


Apple IIgs version of Pipe Dream
Apple IIgs version of Pipe Dream
Pipe Dream is a strategy action game originally developed for the Amiga by The Assembly Line and later ported to other computer systems and game consoles. In the game players need to place a series of randomly selected pipe pieces together before the sewer water (called “flooz”) spills out. To complete each level the flooz needs to flow through a minimum number of pipe pieces. There are seven types of pipe pieces available which include straight pieces, corners, cross-overs, and more.


Each level of the game begins with a single piece on the playing field from which the flooz will start flowing after a delay of several seconds. Several pipe pieces are randomly selected and the player can choose one to place on the screen. In order to prevent the flooz from spilling the pipes need to be connected together before it reaches a gap or a pipe piece aligned such that the flooz can't flow into it. To complete the level, the flooz must pass through a specified number of continuous pipes before it spills. On some levels, the flooz must additionally reach a target pipe section on the screen after flowing for the given length of pipe. Pipe pieces can be placed anywhere on the playing field regardless if it connects to another pipe. Pipe sections can also be replaced with a new one as long as it is not already filled with flooz.

After every four levels there is an additional bonus round where players may only place pipes on the lowest available block for each column. As the levels progress the game increases in difficulty by providing a shorter delay at the start, the flooz flows faster, one way pipes are added, and obstacles may be placed on the screen limiting where pipes can be placed. The game includes a total of 36 levels.

Pipe Dream Gameplay Modes

Pipe Dream provides the following gameplay modes:
  • One player: A single dispenser on the left side of the screen provides pipes to a single player. Five pipes at a time are visible for selection.
  • One player expert: Gameplay is the same as one player mode, however pipe pieces are in two dispensers on the left with only one piece in each available for selection.
  • Two player: Two players compete at the same time. There are two dispensers on the left of the screen, one for each player.
  • Training mode: Allows the previous three modes to be played at a slow pace for learning the game.


Points are earned in Pipe Dream as follows:
  • 50 points for each pipe the flooz flows through until the required distance has been reached.
  • 100 points for each pipe section the flooz flows through after the required distance has been reached.
  • 500 points if the flooz crosses over itself in one of the cross pipe sections.
  • 500 points for each bonus or resevoir piece the flooz flows through until the required distance has been reached.
  • 1000 points for each bonus or resevoir piece the flooz flows through after the required distance has been reached.
  • 1000 points for utilizing the ending pipe piece.
  • 50 points are lost if a pipe piece is replaced.
  • Point values are doubled if the player hits the "flow" button prior to the flooz starting to flow on its own.
  • In one player expert mode, 100 points instead of 50 are earned for selecting pipes from alternating dispensers.
  • In two player games, points are earned by the player who placed the pipe piece.

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