Joe Montana Football

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Licensed Title
Football (American)


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Designed and Programmed by: Mike Benna, Jeff Sember
Produced by: Ken Balthaser Jr., Michael Suarez
Computer Graphics and Art by: Katrina Lefeaux
Music by: Matthew Berardo, Russell Lieblich
Sound Effects by: Pete Mokris
Product Testing by: Tom Bellamy, Michael Coustier, Jim Gould, Wayne Townsend
Player's Guide written by: Mard Naman, Larry LeVine, Ken Balthaser Jr.
Box Design by: Michael Patrick Partners
Box and Player's Guide cover photo by: David Mattison
Screen shots by: Melissa Treatman
Published by: International Development Group Inc.
Thanks to: International Development Group Inc.


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December 1990 magazine ad