Hi-Res Adventure #6: The Dark Crystal

For: Apple II, Atari 8-bit


Main Genre:
Interactive Fiction , Licensed Title
Visual Presentation:
Fixed Screen

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System: Atari 8-bit
By: Roberta Williams
Base on a story by: Jim Henson
Program development: Ken Williams, Chris Iden
Atari version by: Chris Iden
Edited by: Christopher Cerf
Graphics director: Jim Mahon
Graphic artists: Carl Potts, Michelle Prichard, Gregg Rowland
Instruction manual: Doug van Aman, John Williams
Aughra's Song by: Professor J. J. Llewellyn
Project Manager for Henson Associates: Mary Ann Horstmeyer
Project Manager for Sierra On-Line: Roberta Williams
Special thanks to: Michael K. Frith, Donna Bass, Carolyn Kalett, Joan Cavalcante, Nan Edwards, Connie Fraser, Maureen Ruddy, Harriet Yassky, Greg Steffen, Mark Crowe, Ron Prusek
Cover artwork by: Richard Amsel

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