Gateway to the Savage Frontier

Platforms: Amiga, Commodore 64, IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Licensed Title
Gameplay Style:
Turn Based


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Game Creation: Beyond Software, Inc.
System Creation: SSI Special Projects Group
Scenario Design: Don L. Daglow
IBM Programming and Technical Design: Cathryn Mataga
IBM Music Driver: MicroMagic, Inc.
IBM Sound Effects Driver: James C. Ratcliff
Music Production: Linwood Taylor
Encounter Authors: Don L. Daglow (Yartar, Nesme, Everlund, Silverymoon, Kraken Outpost, Neverwinter, Port LLast, Luskan, Tuern, Purple Rocks, Karaken HQ, Secomber, Star Mounts, Sundabar), Linwood Taylor (LLorkh, Loudwater), Mark Buchignani (Ascore), Cathryn Mataga (Gundarlun)
Art Director: David Bunnett
Artists: David Bunnett (Walls, Monsters, Small and Large Graphics), Sergio Lobato (Walls, Monsters, Small and Large Graphics), Arturo Sinclair (Wilderness Map)
Additional Art: SSI Special Projects Group
Journal Entries: Don L. Daglow
Game Development: George MacDonald, Rick White
Documentation: Richard Wilson
Playtest Manager: Larry Webber
Playtesters: Alan Marenco, John Kirk, Cyrus Harris, Jeff Shotwell, Glen Cureton, James Young, Phil Alne, Mike Baljiadia, Jason Ray, Eduardo Trillo, André Vrignaud, Dennis Zahina
Special IBM Testing: Top Star Computer Services, Inc.
Art, Graphic Design & DTP: Peter Gascoyne (Louis Saekow Design)
Pre-press Production: Kirk Nichols (Louis Saekow Design), Ray Garcia (Louis Saekow Design)
Printing: American Lithographers, Inc.
Cover Artwork by: Clyde Caldwell


Rule Book
Adventurer's Journal
IBM and Compatibles Data Card
IBM PC/Compatibles


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