Garbage Belly

For: TI-99/4A


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Garbage Belly for the TI-99/4A
Garbage Belly for the TI-99/4A
Garbage Belly is an action game released by Moonbeam Software for the TI-99/4A computer in 1982. The game was written in TI Extended BASIC and has the player controlling Garbage Belly with goal of eating all of the garbage on the screen within a time limit.


The game screen in Garbage Belly consists of numerous trashcans (which act as obstacles) and moving piles of garbage. The goal on each level is to guide Garbage Belly near a pile of garbage so he'll eat it; when all the garbage is eaten, the game proceeds to the next, faster level. Some of the garbage is raw (shown as green), and some is ripe (shown as red). Players can only eat the red garbage, or a life is lost. The garbage turns ripe one at a time, when the ripe garbage is eaten another pile will change red (eventually, all of the piles will change). On each level, there is a 2.5 minute time limit; if time runs out before all of the garbage is eaten, the game is over. If players clear the screen three times, a bonus is earned.


Platform: TI-99/4A
Programmed by: Joe Macchiarulo


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