Front Page Sports: Football

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Simulation , Sports
Bird's-eye view
Football (American)


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Director: Patrick Cook
Art Director: Mark Brenneman
Arcade Programmer: David McClurg
Shell Programmer: Glen Wolfram
Play Editor Programmer: Tim Midkiff
Additional Game Programming: Peter Heinrich
Assistant Director: L. Allen McPheeters
Lead Production Artist: Thomas Van Velkinburgh
Production Artists: Ian Gilliland, Vance Naegle
Additional Artwork: David Aughenbaugh, Ron Clayborn, Mike Jahnke, Jarrett Jester, Cyrus Kanga, Damon Mitchell
Music Composer: Jan Paul Moorhead
Sound Effects: Christopher Stevens
Programming Support: Rhett Anderson, Stephen Cordon
Tools Programming: Piotr Lukaszuk
Lead Tester: Chris Medinger
Q.A. Programming: David Merrill, Scott Youngblood
Testers: James Domico, Christopher K. Singleton
Popcorn: Todd Hannon, Tim Weyant


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