For: Arcade
Technical Info
Monitor Orientation: Horizontal
Monitor Type: Raster
Monitor Capabilities: Color
Sound Capabilities: Stereo
CPU: Motorola MC6809E @ 1.789772 MHz (x1)
Sound Hardware: Atari POKEY @ 1.789772 MHz (x4) , LaserDisc (x1) , TMS5220C @ 650.826 kHz (x1)
MCU: Intel 8049 @ 11.0 MHz (x1)
Additional Hardware: LaserDisc Player
Cabinet Type: Environmental/Cockpit , Upright/Standard
Controls (per player): Yoke with 2 Buttons (x1)
Control Panel Layout: Single Player
Arcade System Board: Atari LaserDisc
Gameplay Info
Number of Players Supported: 1 Player