Falcon A.T.

Platforms: IBM PC/Compatibles


Main Genre:
Featured Vehicles:
Planes / Flight


Platform: IBM PC/Compatibles
Concept and design by: Gilman Louie (Chopstick)
IBM version programmed by: Kaswara Pranawahadi (Scorpion), Erick Jap (Jetbuster), Greg Marr (Juggernaut)
Special thanks to: Billy Sutyono (Scarface), Aryanto Widodo (Wild Man), Gary Sousa, Rus Genet, Stewart Bishop, Phil Hanley, Tom Berry, Bryant Fong, Phil Adam
Program graphics by: Jody Sather (Redhot), Arthur Koch
3-D graphics routines by: Kaswara Pranawahadi, Erick Jap
Sound by: Kevin T. Seghetti (Jabberjaw)
Manual by: Mark Johnson (Mad Dog), Larry Throgmorton (The Throg)
Cover art by: Marty Petersen
Layout by: Geoff Geiger (for Lasselle-Ramsay Publication Services)


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